Highlights of Michael Garb’s Career as Cantor & Educator 

As “Cantor Mike” –  teacher with 60 credits of completed coursework at the Academy for Jewish Educators (BJE, NY, NY)

• Wedding Ceremony Officiant - Jewish, Interfaith, Spiritual
• Baby Naming Ceremony Officiant - Jewish & Interfaith
• Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremony Officiant and Tutor 
• Torah, Prayer, and Judaic Studies Teacher
• Cantor for High Holydays, Funerals & Unveiling Ceremonies

As "Mr. Garb" – music teacher and literacy specialist; certified preK-6 

(M.S. Literacy Education)

• Provide reading/writing support for students reading below grade level 
• Music teacher for children with special needs, K-8 
Educational songwriter and performer (click on link and scroll to middle of page 5 under "CountrywoodCountrywoodCountrywood" heading, article: "STAMP Out Bullying at Countrywood") 

Professional References
Brotherhood Synagogue at Gramercy Park, NY, NY

Jewish Board of Education, NY, NY
S. Huntington Jewish Center, Melville, NY
Woodbury Jewish Center, Woodbury, NY


 Michael M. Garb, M.S. 

Cantor & Interfaith Officiant


Descended from rabbis and cantors in his grandparents' generation, Cantor Mike grew up in a learned and musical conservadox family. Religious life centered around the weekly Sabbath - Shabbat, a day of prayer and meditation, food, rest, and leisure.  Friday evenings, we lit candles, made "Kiddush" and "HaMotzi" to welcome the Sabbath, and enjoyed a kosher chicken with roasted potatoes, tzimmes,  lokshen kugel, and the occasional chulent delight when staying over for Shabbos in Seagate, Brooklyn, steps from the ocean, with my Nanny Dora and Poppy David.  After dinner, our home was filled with zemirot (songs) or "zemiros" as we called our spirited chanting of Birkat HaMazon (Grace after Meals) and Jewish song.  But first, a gleisel of tei! (glass of tea) with Nanny Dora's famous apple cake and mandel broit, and a little fruit compote on the side.  Nanny herself was partial to a Swiss fudge Stella Doro cookie and a "shtickel" chocolate (a piece of). After shul and a Shabbos afternoon nap, weather permitting, we would go sailing or play tennis as a family. Those were the days! (Experience more of Cantor Mike's childhood and "yichus" (heritage) on my "Family History" page.